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Project Concrete Forecast

Automatically pull out how much concrete your project needs, and share with your concrete supplier. Modelled after the North East Link project approach.

No more busy work filling out information that engineers have already added to the short-term schedule.

See concrete supply by pour at:

  • A daily level for 4 weeks
  • A monthly level for 3 months
Aphex Power BI Concrete Forecast

A pre-made Power BI Template to save your engineers effort


Save engineers time 

Pull materials straight from the short-term plan on Aphex, and stop duplicating work.


See concrete demand

Concrete supply by pour at a daily level for 4 weeks and at a monthly level for 3 months, on one spreadsheet.


Loop suppliers into projects

Give suppliers warning of upcoming orders, so they can secure enough ingredients.

Psst! Want to build a report from scratch?

If Power Query and DAX are your idea of a good time,  jump over to our Power BI API doc to check out Authentication and Data Models in more detail.

Lookahead planning, reinvented.