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Publication Summary Dashboard

Monitor completion and quality of weekly publications, and how consistently teams are following the project planning process.

Aphex PowerBI Template publication Summary

A pre-made Power BI Template file from the Aphex Community

Aphex PowerBI Template PubSummary

See how robust the plan is each week

Automatically track how many people on your project are readying their plans for weekly publications, and understand the quality of the plan being submitted each week.

Identify what's impacting the quality of your plan

Drill into who on your project is sticking to the planning process, and who is missing deadlines. 

Aphex PowerBI Template Publication Breakdown

Psst! Want to build a report from scratch?

If Power Query and DAX are your idea of a good time,  jump over to our Power BI API doc to check out Authentication and Data Models in more detail.

Lookahead planning, reinvented.