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Weekly PPC Dashboard 

Automatically track your construction project's weekly Percent Plan Complete (PPC) and delay in a single, simple Power BI report.


  • Weekly & Rolling PPC for your project
  • PPC breakdown by Engineer or Subcontractor
  • Root Cause of Delay insight
Aphex PowerBI PPC Dashboard Template

A pre-made Power BI Template file from the Aphex Community

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Track PPC performance & trends

Skim headline stats including PPC, Tasks Progressed and Primary Source of Delay before reviewing the automatically updated chart of how this week compares to overall project performance.

Granular performance breakdown 

To zoom in on how each individual Engineer or Subcontractor if performing, looking at PPC for a specific publication - or their average for the last 6 weeks.

Aphex PowerBI template breakdown ppc
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Concise, clear delay breakdown

Root cause of delay has never looked clearer. Spot the leading factors for delay on your project(s) and how much each have contributed.

Psst! Want to build a report from scratch?

If Power Query and DAX are your idea of a good time,  jump over to our Power BI API doc to check out Authentication and Data Models in more detail.

Lookahead planning, reinvented.